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Wishhounds – Theatre Labyrinth   Leave a comment

Herein lies the history and works of Theatre Labyrinth (1995-2000) and Wishhounds (2000-2002).

lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate…

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Even Without Angels   Leave a comment

The first Wishhounds creation especially for younger audiences is the story of Ewa, a magician’s apprentice who tires of her servitude and embarks on a journey of adventure. The many obstacles she must overcome test the power of her imagination and attest to the power of love.

Commissioned by Cleveland Public Theatre

Presented at CPT in December 2001

Story and direction by Raymond Bobgan

Created and performed by Raymond Bobgan, Tracy Broyles, Holly Holsinger, Brett Keyser, and Rebecca Spencer

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Transformations of Lucius—v2   Leave a comment

Inspired by The Golden Ass and other writings by Lucius Apuleius, Transformations of Lucius is the tale of a man whose attempt at spiritual transformation goes horribly awry, leaving him trapped in the body of a donkey. Through humor and intense action the play confronts the desire for spirituality in the wake of “God’s death”, and the foibles of many modern spirituality movements.

Directed by Raymond Bobgan

Performed by Holly Holsinger, Brett Keyser, and Jane Wells

Presented at Pilgrim Church in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood

*v2 is a reworking of Theatre Labyrinth’s 1995 version of Transformations of Lucius.

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