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2002   Blue Sky Transmission: A Tibetan Book of the Dead

A collaboration between Wishhounds and Cleveland Public Theatre, Blue Sky Transmission premiered at CPT on September 13, 2002 and moved to the LaMaMa Annex in New York in December. More…




2001   Even Without Angels

The first Wishhounds creation especially for younger audiences tells the story of Ewa, a magician’s apprentice who tires of her servitude and embarks on a journey of adventure. The many obstacles she must overcome test the power of her imagination and attest to the power of love. More…




2001   The Hidden Twin: An American Romance

An unorthodox book leads Talia, a young historian, to the shop of an eccentric antiquarian and his spinster sisters. Once inside she finds she cannot leave, and is drawn into a time-web of ritual re-enactments that rattle her conception of America’s beginnings. More…






1999   Transformations of Lucius (v2)

Inspired by The Golden Ass and other writings by Lucius Apuleius, Transformations of Lucius is the tale of a man whose attempt at spiritual transformation goes horribly awry, leaving him trapped in the body of a donkey. More…




1999   Fragments of a Lost Apocalypse

This outdoor performance, based upon the anthropological reconstructions by Jonathan Blake of the ritual practices of the Lumaca, was presented in Cleveland, in and around Lincoln Park, in conjunction with the Tremont Arts Festival. More…




1998   A Field Guide to Midwestern Charms and Curses

1998   Never Speak to Strangers

1998   The Sibyl

1997   Frankenstein’s Wake

1996   The Warbling Carousel

1995   Transformations of Lucius

1995   Inanna’s Descent

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